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Lily Leapers Campaign Update #2 – Crowdfunding Completed!

I want to personally thank YOU so much for backing this game and making one of my life long dreams come true! Lily Leapers has been a years long journey in the making and I am so proud to see it finally come to fruition. I can not wait for you all to get your copy and have fun!

We successfully got enough sales to give everyone an amazing 35% discount on the game making it only $9.81 per game (when MSRP will be $15)! And because of that – Lily Leapers also earned the accolade “Red Stone Seller” (badge featured above) an honor bestowed to only 11,84 (or 3.59%) of games on the site. All thanks to you!

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My next game will be a 2 player, control centric, matching, mint tin size card game called Birds On A Wire!
I won’t give too much more away, but if you like the sound of needing to match cards while strategically planning what to play so you have more birds (points) across the telephone wires then stay tuned!