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Lilly Leapers

It’s the perfect day at the pond for a race!
Be the first player to get all their frog across the lily pad course to their log,
meanwhile kicking your opponent into the water and stopping to eat a delicious fly!
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Who knew bird-watching, matching, and strategy could be so much fun!
Play cards by matching symbols and control the telephone wires. Whoever has the most birds of their color among the wires Wins!
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Submarine with headlight exploring the deep ocean

Diving in your late grandfathers submarine, the Volantis, you record the amazing, or horrifying, environments and sights you some across. Beware…something lurks in the darkness of the abyss.
(A Solo Narrative Journaling Tabletop Role-Playing Game)

The Grim Chance Cover

You have died…The Grim Reaper appears before you. He offers a chance at life again, if you can pass his question trial…. Roll for his questions and your answers. Will you succumb to Fear or return alive by Will power alone?

A Solo Narrative Tabletop Role-Playing Game or DND Character Death Saving Alternative add-on

As an aspiring artist in a fantasy realm, you decide you need some inspiration to paint your next landscape masterpiece. You set forth to somewhere far away. Once you arrive, you set up your easel, take out your colors, and begin the best painting of the world around you.

A Solo Drawing Prompt Role-Playing Game for Fantasy Themes

You play as quite the forgetful adventurer (maybe your int roll wasn’t that great) who can’t remember where they turned…but that does not stop your love of going into and exploring dungeons!

A One-Page, Solo, maybe never ending, Dungeon Crawling Role-Playing Game

To all of the stargazers that made their own constellations while exploring the night sky. This is a simple 12 word rpg about making/exploring a constellation.
Roll a set of dice to determine your constellation layout, celestial objects, and give it a narrative if you wish.

A 12 word Solo Role-Playing Game

Your expedition group has traveled to an island of ancient legend, full of dense jungles, wildlife, and signs of previous civilization. Humanitarian efforts have determined the island is no longer natively inhabited…but a rival adventure group is rumored to be there hunting the same artifacts as you!
Set off on an adventure (solo or gm/group) of discovery!

A rules light Role-Playing Game for fans of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Uncharted

A Bug On The Motherboard

You are a fly stuck in a computer!
Roll dice to move about the motherboard to collect Energy and power up the computer Components for extra points, but watch out, resistors can pop and you’ll and get Zapped!
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Coming Soon

Graveyard Shift

Can you survive the the night by burning the midnight oil fhe longest, or will you sucumb to the monsters of the night?

Papermint Airplanes

Ride the winds and take to the sky! Blow your opponent away in this mint tin sized, fun, and quick card game!

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